Hymenoplasty is a procedure that involves reconstructing or re-contouring the hymen. The hymen is a membrane-like tissue over the opening of the vagina that usually has a hole in it of varying size. Some women with first intercourse have bright red bleeding secondary to the hymen tearing to allow entry of the penis. Others do not experience this bleeding, probably because the hymenal opening is large enough or flexible enough to accommodate the size of the penis.

Whether the decision to have a hymenoplasty is for personal, cultural, religious, therapeutic or sexual reasons, a care plan can be made to accommodate individual needs. Some women chose to have a hymenoplasty to restructure their hymen to restore it to a virginal state. In which case, our doctors can reconstruct a hymen to help you accomplish your goals. Other women, may chose to have a hymenoplasty if the hymen or hymenal remnants cause pain or irritation with sex or if they do not like the appearance of this area. Many times, any excess tissue in this area can be excised or re-contoured with the Ellman Surgitron device.

A hymenoplasty can be done in our comfortable office procedure room with oral medications. This procedure usually takes less than an hour and recovery is fairly quick. Most patients can get back to their usual activities within a few days and intercourse in 4 - 6 weeks.

Hymenoplasty is not usually covered by insurance companies. Our staff is well qualified and would be happy to discuss the costs involved and the financing options available to you should you decide on this procedure alone or in combination with other procedures. When possible, having the procedure in the office may be more cost effective as there is only one charge from our office.

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