A urethral sling is often done in conjunction with pelvic reconstructive procedures to help decrease the chance of stress urinary incontinence postoperatively. Often times with pelvic support problems, the bladder has fallen down and so causes a "kink" at the tube that empties the bladder (urethra). For this reason, patients may not complain of leaking of urine preoperatively but when normal anatomy is established, anatomically the kink is gone so leaking may be easier. After having pelvic reconstructive surgery, the last thing the patient wants is to have urinary incontinence so a urinary sling is placed to avoid this problem. If patients are having symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, like loss of urine with cough, jump, sneeze, laugh, etc., then a urinary sling is an excellent and very successful option. See the Reno Gynecology site for more information.