(Cervix or Vagina)

Apical support problems refers to the loss of support at the top of the vagina leading to the cervix or top of the vagina protruding through the opening of the vagina. This generally occurs when the strongest supporting structure is stretched or fractured. These ligaments are called the uterosacral ligaments. This problem can be surgically corrected several ways, including:
  • Sacralcolpopexy which involves lifting the top of the vagina and attaching it to the sacrum.
  • Uterosacral ligament shortening or fixation which involves supporting the apex of the vagina by attaching it to the strong uterosacral ligaments.
  • Anterior and posterior repair with mesh which involves attaching the cervix or apex of the vagina to the mesh which is then attached to the sacrospinous ligaments allowing for apical support.
  • Colpocleisis which involves sewing the vagina together and pushing the tissues inside the vagina. This procedure is only for those not interested in having sex, as it obliterates the vagina.
These procedures are done in the hospital under general anesthesia and usually involve an overnight stay in the hospital. Decreased activity for the first one to two weeks after surgery is recommended and then patients may begin to resume their normal activities. The results of this procedure are recognized right away as the bulge is gone, because the surgery has allowed restoration of normal anatomy and improved quality of life.

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