Dr. Elizabeth Hutson

Dr. Elizabeth Hutson graduated with honors from Southern Illinois University Medical School in 1993 and completed her OB/GYN residency at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ in 1997. She practiced both Obstetrics and Gynecology for four years in Santa Maria, California before moving to Reno in 2001 to join Dr. Netuschil in a Gynecology only practice.

Dr. Hutson loves taking care of women and helping them feel better about themselves and empowering them to make good healthcare decisions. The importance of educating women about their bodies, explaining what is normal and what is not normal, and offering treatment options to women so they do not have to simply live with bothersome symptoms, cannot be overstated. Her surgical practice emphasizes minimally invasive surgery, either in the office setting or in the O.R., offering faster, easier recoveries and facilitating getting back to usual activities quicker.

She is an expert in the field of vaginal reconstructive surgery for pelvic floor dysfunction and enjoys the satisfaction of rebuilding a prolapsed vagina, eliminating the bothersome symptoms for the patient, and continued patient education and care beyond. While she has performed Cosmetic Gynecologic procedures throughout her career, it was not until 2009 that she decided to add RENO COSMETIC GYNECOLOGY to her current practice. Again, trying to help improve awareness regarding procedures such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, clitoral hood reduction and hymenoplasty. Many women suffer with issues regarding their vulvas and do not know who to go to for help. Because of her vast surgical background, her artistic eye, and desire for perfection, Dr. Hutson is well suited to help women achieve excellent results with relief of their bothersome symptoms and a renewed sense of confidence in this very personal area of Gynecology.

In 2009, she received formal training in Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery from Red Alinsod in Laguna Beach, California. Dr. Alinsod is a leader in this field and a very talented gynecologic surgeon. While the techniques offered in the classes were not much different than the way she was doing these surgeries before, the tools used were. Making improvements in patient satisfaction and allowing for less post-procedure pain, the Ellman Surgitron radiofrequency cutting device is state-of-the-art and what Dr. Hutson chooses to use for all her cosmetic procedures with excellent results - even better than the laser!