Dear Dr. Hutson,

About a year ago I had a labiaplasty done with your office. From the very beginning, I was treated like family. The office staff is absolutely the nicest group of women I've ever met. They knew me by name and genuinely asked me how I was feeling during every follow-up appointment. Any time I called to leave a message for you, I was treated respectfully and sincerely. All of my calls were returned and all of my questions answered. You treated me like a friend. You listened to every concern and question and truly cared. You performed the surgery beautifully. I had complications afterward due to using iced water bottles too much and during my follow-ups you took your time with me and explained everything. You even wrote me a handwritten note with some extra cream and sent it to me. I couldn't be happier with my results and with the office. Thank you for changing my self-esteem and my life. I am so much more confident and so happy.


Amy is perfect

As an Anesthesiologist I have worked with Dr. Hutson in the operating room and appreciate her surgical skills. She has a reputation of being a skilled and caring surgeon. I chose her to perform my labiaplasty because I was experiencing discomfort with exercise, and felt the need to correct the problem, therefore improving my quality of life with vaginal rejuvenation! I would often get redness, chaffing and discomfort that would make it difficult to be active. With the labiaplasty performed, the problem is solved! I enjoyed her professional and very caring staff. They were especially helpful in accommodating me with an appointment times that would work with my very erratic work schedule. I was so absolutely satisfied with the information I received from the consult with Dr. Hutson! She explained everything thoroughly and even consulted with my husband so that he would know what to expect! I am pleased with the aesthetic results from my labiaplasty and I am excited to report that I no longer have rubbing that causes the discomfort I previously experienced! I am happy to be back on the court!

Dear Dr. Hutson,
I am writing this letter to you in appreciation and extreme gratefulness for the amazing job you did creating my, "designer vagina!"

My husband and I thank you for changing our love life truly to the, "best it has ever been!" It is as if we are together again for the first time, 11 years later, only with more experience, our own bedroom and no sneaking around! To him I feel completely like a new woman, improved, rejuvenated, tighter and look pin up girl perfect. For me, I am having a blast acting as if I am 18 again, planning out nights of passion, shopping for lingerie, climaxing every time and loving my new found confidence in the bedroom, feeling sexy! I think I look so great that I love being naked, even with the lights on! You have unleashed my inner vixen and we owe all this to you!

Working in the operating room as surgical staff allows us all to see surgeon's work from the front line. I chose you for my, "Intimate Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery" because of what I've witnessed firsthand and your reputation for being a trusted, excellent female gynecologic surgeon, high level of professionalism, great patient/physician relationship's and a technology savvy gyn practice. IVAS is a procedure you want your surgeon to perform using the most advanced techniques and equipment available while also having knowledge and understanding of female genitalia including all landmarks, nerves, blood vessels and how to preserve them contributing to the best possible outcome. I knew that you possessed all of these strengths and so I felt very comfortable trusting my husband's happiness (and my own!) in your very capable hands!

The driving force behind scheduling my IVAS consult was a comment made casually during a well women exam regarding hymenal remnants I had! "WHAT?" So that night I looked in the mirror and she was right. "What was this extra not very bella tissue?" I showed honey, he had NEVER brought this up or complained. He assured me that this was probably normal. "Probably, what is that?" So at this point the seed was planted and off I went to research the future fate of my vagina and I confidently scheduled a consultation with Dr. Hutson!

I loved the first class treatment I received from Dr. Hutson and staff at Reno Cosmetic Gynecology through every step of the way! I adored the quality of everything and how no question was left unanswered or detail overlooked. During the consult, pre-operative pictures were taken by Dr. Hutson from different angles and it was apparent that I had the remnants but also had an extra labia majora fold and upon my request that it'd be fun to smooth the external bilateral labia minora lips which can appear rough in some women. I booked my surgery the day of my consult, a hymenoplasty, labia majoraplasty and labia minora resurfacing.

The surgery day was excellent because I was so truly excited and motivated to look amazing for both honey and myself and I was also very comfortably medicated. Thanks to all of Dr. Hutson's, "pampering extra's" the hour and a half in office procedure went by extremely fast and went better than I ever anticipated! I was comfortable, felt catered to, cared for and supported. After an afternoon of rest, we met friends for a double date at a local sushi bar. They never knew I had had IVAS! I really had no down time except for the afternoon I spent sleeping off the valium and pain medication. I missed no time off work and even went away 5 days later for a ski weekend with girlfriends! I was released back to bedroom activities five weeks post-operatively.

I congratulate and thank Dr. Hutson for bringing such forward thinking to her cosmetic gyn practice. Her sophistication and professionalism is felt in every aspect of this amazing procedure, her office and all she does. The passion in my love life has been re-ignited and I love it! I encourage all women to follow my example and to be inspired to get a consult to start living the best life you can, get rejuvenated girls!